A simple but fashionable pocket to carry your everyday essentials. Now you can order a personalized pocket. 
Even mix and match a look to suit your mood.  Include custom embroidery or monograms. 


MyPocket -  Smart Fun Sophisticated Playful

E-readers pockets available for personalizing as well. 

Prices are $10.00 to $15.00

MyPockets for all occasions and holidays. We also will accommodate orders for school sports teams or school colors, businesses, birthdays, weddings, or bridal and baby showers. 

Call us for your needs or use the Contact form, and we'll be in touch. A great promotional gift for businesses. 

Business phone 608-415-0571 or 608-253-4171.

Would you like a My Pocket with a fun embroidery or monogrammed with a name?  Please contact us and we will happily accommodate your order.

$3.00 ea for name or initials

$5.00 each for fun embroidery